Hello you lot. It’s nice to see you. Get yourselves comfy and while you read all about the stuff we’ve got going on here, we’ll bring you a nice chocolate biscuit and a glass of weak lemon drink. I know, I know- we’re too good to you.

So, what’s this bit all about? Well this side of the site is just for you: there’s going to be competitions and lots of lovely prizes from our sponsors, and also things to do and see (and maybe even a few things to learn), and there’s even a link to our Facebook page so you can join and discuss your Camouflaged Learning day with other people who are almost as nice as you.

Oh, yes we nearly forgot. Best of all we’ll also be letting you lot know FIRST when we’ve got free days to give your school so you can go on and on at your teachers until they let us come back again.

So. Bookmark us now. And join our Twitter feed. You know it make sense.


P.S. because it’s you, we’ve spent all of our money on the latest in scratch and sniff computer screen technology. We know how much you love this sort of thing, so- here it is- all for you.

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