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“As a teacher, I’m often sceptical about people coming into schools but these guys were just brilliant. The kids had an amazing day, and were enthralled and occupied throughout, and looking back now I can see that there was a huge amount of learning going on too. I hate to admit it, but they were actually better than us!”
Dr. Sanderson, Head of Science, Sewell Park College

“Just wanted to say the biggest, loudest, and of course awesomest thank you to you and your guys for today. Our students and teachers loved it. It was great to see the quiet become loud, the cranky turn giggly and the hormonal more chilled. What a difference a day makes! If you ever decide to market the Camouflaged Learning uber cool enthusiasm for science please put Swaffham Hammonds High School down for a crate full- I know our students will look back on their Camouflaged Learning day as one of the best times at High School.”
Mrs. Lisa Othon, Head Teacher of Science – Swaffham Hammonds High School

“Camouflaged Learning breaks down the barriers. The enthusiasm and passion from delivery staff is infectious. Students and teacher find themselves completely immersed in the activity. Students take risks, form idea, and show creativity in ways and to degrees that are hard to match In the classroom. Better yet, normal lessons are, by and large forgotten. A day with Camouflaged Learning is completely he opposite- the students remember the day and carry the skills with them for many years afterward.”
Paul Rapley, Assistant Head, Taverham High School

“The day was simply fantastic, and the students were still raving about it the next day! I can’t recommend Matt and his company enough. They were utterly brilliant. To see the students so involved and engaged for such a long period of time was utterly amazing given the range of SEN we had. I think you’ve really sown the seed for a legacy from the project.”
L. McQuade, Head of Enterprise Boson High School

“We all had such a great day. I really can’t sum up the depth and range of learning which took place. Our group were so lucky to have been able to take part. Thank you”.
Sue Brinkley, Wenhaston primary School

“Thank you so much for yesterday- it was a hugely successful day and a perfect example of how schools can work together in partnership. It really brought out the best in our students, too- they were motivated and focused and the PLTs they showed and developed are an essential part of their learning. Thank you for all you did.”
Jill Douglass, Vocational Administration Assistant, Leiston High School.

“Camouflaged Learning has for several years devised and delivered a dynamic and very valuable package of activities to new students of the High School as part of their Transition/Induction programme. In a unique and exciting style, the Camouflaged Learning team has managed to engage students of all abilities and backgrounds in a range of thought provoking and fun packed games, experiments and challenges. Additionally, the sessions address many areas of PLTS providing opportunities for the students to think creatively, become team workers and effective participators and also be reflective learners. A day with Camouflaged Learning is an experience not to be missed and one which can never be forgotten! Our older students still talk about it and were recently delighted to meet them again for a range of different challenged as part of out curriculum enhancement days.”
Karen Moxon, Head of Year 7 and Transition Manager at Fakenham High School.

“Thank you so much for the great event the pupils had last week- I don’t think any activity they do at school will ever match up to the day they had! I have never been to an event where the pupils have been so engrossed in what they were doing and keen to win, it was excellent. The non stop motivation keeps the pupils focused and the novel ideas keep them engaged in the challenges. Both my teaching assistant and I found it very hard not to start getting involved as well! One of the girls said ‘’ Miss, this has been the best day ever, what a way to start the weekend.’’ It is events like this that pupils will remember and will encourage them to develop future career ideas. “
Suzie Day, Work Related Learning Co-ordination, Northgate High School

“In the past year we have offered LEGJ funding for a variety of enterprise related programmes to be delivered in local schools. Without exception every school asked for Camouflaged Learning, often as they only external provision they took, and the feedback across the board has been that it was money extremely well spent.”
Jackie Bircham, Local Enterprise Growth Initiative Manager

“Camouflaged Learning joined us for three days during our activities week providing us with 15 different activities, and they were absolutely excellent. The activities were engaging and inspiring and the team were excellent at motivation our students and had a fantastic rapport with everyone they worked with. It meant that at the end of a hard term the teachers could work alongside the students while they were secretly learning!”
Dr Harris, Head of Science, Rosemary Musker High School

“We very much hope you will come back and work with us again, sooner rather than later!”
Dr Charles Dalleywater- Head of Science, Abbey College.

“Camouflaged Learning have provided high quality activities to stimulate interest in all areas of science. They are always innovation and turn students into scientists without them realising entertainment for learning! “
Steve Ashbee – Head of Physics, Sprowston Community High School and Norfolk Physics Partnership

“Matt and his team made the inspiring physics day inspiring! They were very professional, had an excellent rapport with the students and working with them to learn some excellent physics. It was very nice for the students to have imaginative and exiting practical science delivered by young, keen and enthusiastic people, they thoroughly enjoyed it. I would welcome them back into the school again in the future.”
Neil Roberts, Head of Science, Archbishop Sancroft High School

“We have been pleased with the exciting and varied activities provided by Camouflaged Learning that have engaged our students and got them using their brains and hands in extraordinary activities in the classroom. The team are so dynamic and make the day seem exciting and fun, and they have a good rapport with students whilst maintaining a professional approach to young people.”
Helen Melville, Head of Enterprise, Downham Market High School

“An excellent day!”
Ian Ayres, Head of Physics, Acle High School

“I couldn’t begin to lead this myself. How do you do it?”
Ms Sobby, Assistant Head of Year, Fakenham High School

“Just wanted to say well done and a huge thank you to you all for another brilliant day. Our kids had a fab time as, of course, did myself and all the teachers.”
Julie Mayo, Head of Enterprise, Denes High School

“Camouflaged Learning have provided many energetic, enthusiastic, loud, wacky, fun and crazy practical challenges. Behind all this is a well organised, well prepared, professional outfit that knows how to engage students of all abilities and get them working together to learn.”
Ruth Bullard, Business and Enterprise Manager, Flegg High School

“Really hands on, fast paced and challenging. A really great day.”
Sharon Addy, Head of Technology, Litcham High School

“Just wanted to say how much the students enjoyed the work they did with your team on Monday. Their feedback was great and I can see why- what a lively and engaging team you sent to us! Thank you so much for such a fantastic opportunity and we look forward to working with you again soon.”
Rachel Green, Community Co-ordinator Abbey College

“Where do they get their ideas and energy from?”
Mrs. Bell, Teacher and Year 7 Tutor, Fakenham High School

“A fantastic event with the students showing enthusiasm, innovation and creativity. Camouflaged Learning instantly made the students very comfortable and excited. There wasn’t any time lost, and most students even worked though their lunch! It was a great success.”
D. Dilworth, Business and Enterprise Co-ordinator, Denes High School

“Our camouflaged Learning day was really good- I heard pupils saying that they wished they did this sort of thing during lessons as they’d learned loads more than normal. It was fun and very enthusiastically led.”
Nick Chapman, Maths Teacher, Wayland Community High School

“Camouflaged Learning provided an exciting, engaging and most of all fun day. We are not sure who enjoyed it the most, the students or the school staff. It was a day that the students took a lot out of and enjoyed and we can’t wait for the next one.”
Simon Gilbert Barnham, Assistant Head, Oriel Specialist Maths and Computing College.

“It was a very well organised day and the equipment available was brilliant. A great event to help with team work and understanding.”
J. Chilvers, Business and Enterprise Co-ordinator, Denes High School

“Matt Bagley, and his team from Camouflaged Learning, always put together an enormously successful day of relevant Science activities. The ‘Meteor Strike On Earth’ day really enthused our students, with them talking about the activities weeks after the event; and an extremely successful ‘Space Day’ in year 8 had staff and students chuckling for weeks, when we thought back to the activities completed on the day. We are just about to extend the Camouflaged Learning activities into year 9, with ‘The Green Olympics’ – no doubt this will be as successful as the other events Matts team has put on for us. I highly recommend ‘ Camouflaged Leaning to all of you out there, if you want to add that special extra to the science curriculum.”
Harry Hazeslhurst, Head of Science, Litcham High School.

“Matt and his Camouflaged Learning team put on an amazing day that was challenging, educational and enjoyable in equal measures. I’ve never seen the kids so enthusiastic or inspired, and the effect they had has stayed with us in school even now. I couldn’t recommend them more highly.”
Humphrey Borgnis, Head of IT, Reepham High School.

“This has been the best school day ever!”
Chris, Year 6 Student

“Camouflaged Learning is cool!”
Shane, Year 6 Student

“Camouflaged are back! This is going to be awesome!”
Jack, Year 9 Student

“It was legendary- the best day we’ve had in school in years.”
AP, year 10 student

“It was quite hard, But it was good because it was really challenging.”
SS, Year 10 Students

“Come in again and do more stuff like this, please!”
JW, Year 10 students

“Impact day was awesome, I would love to have the opportunity to do it again- I had an amazing time!”
AV, year 9 Student

“I though the challenge day was brilliant and it made my confidence skills better by working together in groups.”
RB, Year 9 Student

“I think the impact day was totally wicked. The work we got given was really challenging but at the same time it was enjoyable, and the leaders were very helpful and instructive. I learnt many new things throughout the day and am finding it easier in lessons now.”
GG, Year 8 Student

“The whole day was enjoyable and even though my team didn’t win, I still thought the day was fantastic and the guys who ran the day were great and I would love to do something like this again.”
PMP, Year 10 Student

“We had such good fun on our activity day, and I really learned loads. It was the best day I’ve ever had in school, I wish they could all be this much fun as I feel I’ve learned way more learning like this.”
BB, Year 11 Student

“I loved our challenge day, I’ve never had so much fun in school. Learning should always be this much fun. I learnt a lot too!”
RBH, Year 7 Student

“I have worked with Matt for a number of years and have seen the service mature and improve. At first, the sight of two hundred excited children in a hall is always going to look like chaos but Matt has the ability to take all that energy and channel it into an experience that develops the children’s life experience. The projects look like unstructured fun to the casual observer, but when you take the time to analyse what is happening you see a much deeper learning going on for the children. If you have a number of children who you want to develop into confident team players Matt is the man you need.”
Shawn Mills, Technical Training Instructor, British Energy

“Matt’s enthusiasm is infectious, everyone involved – students, volunteers and teachers – are engaged and excited by the challenges he sets. Giving students the chance to find practical solutions to real problems thoroughly embeds their learning and inspires them to think about industry after education. Matt’s style and unashamed joy in his subject are key to the projects’ success.”
Katherine Reil, May Gurney

“I have worked with Matt on a variety of science and enterprise initiatives across Norfolk since May 2002 when he supported the Adult Learner’s week celebration of achievement in lifelong learning at RAF Coltishall. Matt has a passion for excellence in seeking to draw the very best from the high school pupils he works with, continuously striving to devise ever more exciting programmes that youngsters cannot help but become involved in. He also has an uncanny ability to communicate with everyone, youngsters and staff, something that most can only aspire to do. Now that I think about it, I suspect Matt may be the latter day Pied Piper of Hamlyn.”
Raymond Clarke, Quality Improvement Manager, National Education and Training.

“Matt can run sensible, organised, well planned and thought out events. Luckily though, most of the time he manages to fight that urge and instead runs events that are enormous fun, hugely entertaining, and massively engrossing for all those involved – both participants and helpers. The amazing thing is how much people learn from them, without realising it till much too late. True Camouflaged Learning!”
Jeanette Brown, Cover Manager, Center of Vocational Excellence, Norwich City College, cove.jsc.gov.uk

“Matt Bagley has a terrifying ability to be at ease in front of two hundred students and to win them over in just a few sentences. He is a charming public speaker and superb motivator with endless enthusiasm for getting kids interested in actually achieving something.”
David Larkman

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